DBS Removals - My portofolio for VAN Graphics

DBS Removals is one of the activities developed by Daniel Bocancea Services Ltd. DBS also is with you when you need to fix a plumbing problem or when you wish to clean before or after you move.



VERTEX. It is a word which I used for VertexTrans  name. It is in my portofolio on crowdsping website. Today,  for example, I created 30 names of companies/products/tags.
'Vertex' means many things: 
- in geometry: the vertex of an angle is the point where two rays begin or meet, where two line segments join or meet, where two lines inersesc (cross);
- vertex (phisics) -  a point where particles collide and interact;
- vertex (computer graphics) - a set of attributes describing a point in space;
- vertex model in statistical mechanics - a discrete model of a physical sustem in which weights are associated with vertices of a grid graph.

I love to play... naming! With Passion! 

For more you can visit Free Online Dictionary.

Regent's Park - YESTERDAY
Let's photo photographer

With Big Freddie...


"The Big Wedding" - A Small Movie

The screen play of this movie is really boring and silly. I try to keep my eyes open and see 'The Big Wedding' to the end. I managed with a great effort. It is not enough 'to collect' a handful of notable actors to be able to have a good movie. This movie is not a comedy, it is a BIG disappointment. I really felt like I lost my time and money.


PR - Passion for the best songs

How to not love Amy Winehouse?

Amy Winehouse - Back to Black (one of my favourite song 

of this original voice).

My photos...back to black :)


'Everything you say and do is part of your PR campaign.'

This is a known story...

Brian Salter tells us the same story in his book 'Successful Public Relations'..

'If a boy meets a girl and impresses upon her how wonderful he is... that's Advertising.'
'If, instead, he tells her how lovely she looks, how much she means to him and how much he cares for her... that's Sales Promotion.'
But if the girl seeks him out because she has heard from others what a splendid fellow he is... that's Public Relations!'


Optima Servicing Group - Logo from my portofolio

Another logo created by me...

Modern Modules - Looking for investors!


looking for Business man

who are willing to invest in a revolutionary idea

and a production line for houses, flats, warehouses, hotels etc.

We launch on the market the new ‘Demo’ 3V H12m product.



Andrei Mihai Cioflan

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